Objectives of Foundation

      The objectives of the foundation would be as follows:

  1. To educate the coming generations and to highlight Tulbahadur Pun’s outstanding valour in the face of enemy and his contribution to the society;
  2. To record the achievement of Tulbahadur Pun VC’s life, both militarily and civil, along with his outstanding contribution in establishing the Higher Secondary School in his village;
  3. A life size statue would be erected at the location of his birth place, to remember him for all time as a national hero and to glorify the history of those who fell fighting in World War II;
  4.  An archive and a library would be established in the school premises to preserve the moving visual history of his deeds;
  5. To continue the study of intelligent but poor and destitute students, who would not otherwise be able to conduct further study because of the poverty in Nepal, and to provide them scholarships;
  6. To protect and preserve the vanishing local herbal medicines; folk culture; local traditions; and to encourage and promote local entrepreneurs for the preservation of the local identity;
  7. To build a shrine/temple and a holy drinking fountain at the location where Tulbahadur Pun VC’s ancestors worshipped, in order to give inspiration to following generations;
  8. To reward, from time to time, local people who made an outstanding contribution to their society;