Two VCs in one day for ‘British’ soldiers

The British Empire still encompassed many nations during the war, representatives of which found themselves fighting under the title of ‘British forces’ around the world. Many had never seen Britain. There was no discrimination when it came to awards for […]

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Victoria Cross Holder & Gurkha Justice Campaigner

The Begakhola Welfare Society UK was established on 2006 under the former chairmanship of Retd Lt Padam Bahadur Purja. Since the society formed it was been sicneficants socials works has been doing either back in Nepal or here…

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MY WAR By Gurkha Tul Bahadur Pun; EXCLUSIVE The hero that Britain didn’t want.

CONFRONTED by four Japanese soldiers and with his comrades lying dead around him, there could not have been a worse moment for Tul Bahadur Pun to run out of bullets. The young Gurkha frantically scrabbled for a grenade which he […]

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