Captain Michael Allmand VC




His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve the posthumous award of the Victoria Cross to Lieutenant (acting Captain) M J C Allmand IAC, attached 6th Gurkha Rifles.


Captain Allmand was commanding the leading platoon of a company of the 6th Gurkha Rifles in Burma on 11 June 1944 when the Battalion was ordered to attack Pin Hmi Road Bridge. The enemy had already succeeded in holding up the advance at this point for twenty-four hours. The approach to the bridge was very narrow as the road was banked up and low lying land on either side was swampy and covered in jungle. The Japanese, who were dug in along the banks of the road and in the jungle with machine guns and small arms, were putting up desperate resistance. As the platoon came within twenty yards of the bridge, the enemy opened heavy and accurate fire inflicting severe casualties and forcing the men to seek cover. Captain Allmand, with utmost gallantry, charged on by himself hurling grenades into the enemy gun position and killing three Japanese with his kukri. Inspired by the splendid example of their platoon commander, the surviving men followed and captured the objective.


Two days later Captain Allmand, owing to casualties among the officers, took command of the Company. Dashing thirty yards ahead through long grass and marshy ground swept by machine gun fire, he personally killed a number of enemy machine gunners and successfully led his men on to a ridge of high ground they had been ordered to seize.


Again on 23rd June, in the final attack on the railway bridge at Mogaung, Captain Allmand, although suffering from trench foot which made it difficult for him to walk, moved forward alone through deep mud and shell holes and charged a Japanese machine gun nest single-handed but was mortally wounded and died shortly afterwards. The superb gallantry, outstanding leadership and protracted heroism of this very brave officer were a wonderful example to the whole Battalion and in the highest traditions of the Regiment.



Tul Bahadur Pun VC with Michael Allmand's family

Tul Bahadur Pun was 21 years old and a Rifleman in the 3rd Battalion, 6th Gurkha Rifles, in the Indian Army during World War II, he and his section commander Captain Michael Allmand VC distinguished themselves with an incredible act of bravery, for which they were awarded the Victoria Cross. On 23 June 1944 at Mogaung, Burma, during an attack on the railway bridge.


When Michael Allmand's elder sister, Marguerite, died in 2009, her daughters, Elizabeth and Anne, contacted Tul Bahadur Pun to see if they could make a contribution to assist his village, in memory of their mother and her beloved brother, Michael.

When Tul Bahadur told them of his concern to rebuild the school, they decided to raise the money for the rebuilding, and Michael's younger brother, their uncle Christopher, gave his generous support.


Elizabeth flew to Nepal to research the project. When she met Colonel Adrian Griffiths from the Ghurka Welfare Service in Pokhara, he immediately offered to rebuild the school, if she could raise the funds. Elizabeth divides her tine between Nepal and Australia and promotes the Tiplyang Project in Australia, with which the Hands Together Tiplyang Project is affiliated.



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Hands Together - Tiplyang Project


Joanna Lumley (OBE), Patron of the Charity with Elizabeth Allmand and Anne Rose, co-founders of the project, and children at the opening of the new school in Tiplyang in April 2012.

A School in  Nepal - Tiplyang


Welcome to the Tiplyang Project website. The Tiplyang Project was set up to support Tiplyang village and the surrounding region of Myagdi in western Nepal.




The objectives of the foundation would be as follows:

  1. To educate the coming generations and to highlight Tulbahadur Pun’s outstanding valour in the face of enemy and his contribution to the society;

  2. To record the achievement of Tulbahadur Pun VC’s life, both militarily and civil, along with his outstanding contribution in establishing the Higher Secondary School in his village;

  3. A life size statue would be erected at the location of his birth place, to remember him for all time as a national hero and to glorify the history of those who fell fighting in World War II;


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